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Electrostatic Liquid Cleaning (ELC) Machines

Electrostatic Liquid Cleaning (ELC) Machines
Electrostatic Liquid Cleaning (ELC) Machines
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Product Code : 30
Brand Name : Trident Engineering
Product Description

Electrostatic Liquid Cleaning Machine

ELC is an electrostatic super cleaning equipment involving static charging of ionized suspended solid contaminants in fluids, oils and collecting them on enormously spread surface of die-electric media.

ELC is intended for carrying out cleaning process as per off line cleaning principal which can Be well understood from schematic diagram shown above. The most advantages feature of this Process is while carrying out such cleaning the parent machine does not need shutdown.

Specification For Selection Guide






Electric Power


(L X W X Hmm)

Weight In Kg. Approx

ELC- 25L

6000 L

4200 L

2800 L

1500 L

600 L

225 W

550 x 400 x 875


ELC- 50L

12000 L

8300 L

5600 L

3000 L

1500 L

425 W

775 x 450 x 850



30000 L

20000 L

17000 L

7600 L

3500 L

475 W

850 x 600 x 875


The above figures are from countries like USA, Canada, Japan and Europe. The Oil quantity of ELC model is indicating for dedicating Hydraulic systems, Selection of ELC is depend on quality of Oil and surrounding environment condition.

Oil Condition for ELC Machine
  • TEMP - below 60 C.
  • Viscosity below 200 CST Max.
  • Water Content below 500 PPM.
  • Mineral Base oil except IC Engine Oil.
Method Of Operation

The ELC system uses the Principles of electrostatics to collect fluid contaminants. ELC unique design with gradient force permits it to take advantage of the natural charge that each contaminant contains. Contamination that have a positive charge are drawn toward a negative electrode plate within the system while those with an inherent negative charge are drawn toward a positive plate. Neutral Contaminants are drawn and deposited by gradient force to the edge of the collectors where the intensity of the deformed electric field is strongest.

As the fluid flows freely through the system. ELC removes contaminants, submicronic particles as 0.01 micron, dust, dirt, and products of oxidation, such as tars and varnishes.  ELC also collects particles such as paper, wood, plastics and rubber. Contaminants are trapped on cellulose collectors for easy disposal. ELC will not affect soluble additives.

The Dust Collector paper(s) is hosed in the Oil cleaning chamber. Each Dust Collector is made of disposable cellulose fiber and in form of pleated to hold the greatest quantity of contaminants. Dust collectors can hold as much as 4.5 kgs. Before change is required and will furnish 2000 hours of use depending upon the actual contaminants of oil.


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